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Forest School Kits

At Forest School Shop we specialise in equipment for a wide range of forest school activities as well as a host bushcraft skills. Our specially designed forest school starter kits have been put together to cater for a number of core activities and skills. Forest school starter kits contain everything you need to undertake some of the most popular outdoor education group activities and can be purchased in multiples to accommodate larger groups.

Our forest school fire lighting kit includes a choice of mini steels or army firesteels as well as pouches of natural tinder and is a great starter package for teaching children fire lighting, an essential survival skill. Our Forest School Cooking & Hygiene Kit comes with everything required for your outdoor kitchen for the safe preparation, cooking and serving of food. Some of the most popular forest school activities are also favourites amongst bushcrafters. Our forest school wood carving kits allow youngsters to practice this skill and includes everything you need to get started. Other starter kits from Forest School Shop include: water filtration, pruning, den building, fire safety and many more.

Starter kits from Forest School shop are a great way to ensure you have the right equipment for many popular and core outdoor skills and activities. Forest School Shop are specialists in outdoor equipment for bushcraft, navigation & orienteering, survival and much more. With a vast amount of experience in forest school equipment, if you don't see the package you need, do not hesitate to contact us and allow us to create a custom forest school package for your requirements.