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Boonies High Intensity Easy To Use Bushcraft Firesteel

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There are firesteels, and then there are firesteels that produce huge showers of fire-lighting sparks with ease, and unlike many firesteels on the market which don't scrape easily, you won't have this problem with the Boonies Outdoor High Intensity Firesteel and scraper set - it really is a great and easy to use fire lighting tool for both adults and children (under supervision). And, now Boonies Outdoor also offer a 'PRO' version - which can be selected from the drop-own menu.

Easy to Use Firesteels for Children and Adults

Boonies Outdoor Bushcraft Firesteels may look like other firesteels on the market, but their ferro rod includes a higher grade and degree of magnesium, which makes them slightly softer and able to product a huge volume of sparks with a single strike. And now they have high-vis handles to make life easier if dropped onto the woodland floor and are available in standard and pro oversions!

It's important to use the 'side' of the striker for maximum output, but there is an indentation (std model) on the tip of the scraper too, and this helps whilst learning the technique, or when the firesteel is slippery from rain. The PRO version offers a multi-strike scraper, which is optimised for both left and right-hand users.

Boonies Outdoor Fire Lighting Firesteel

The Boonies Firesteel will work in rain, wind and just about any weather condition that you may come across. Simply scrape the rod with the scraper supplied (or the back of a knife) to produce a massive shower of sparks onto a tinder bundle - a great way of lighting campfire fires on your forest school activity day.

The Boonies Outdoor Flint and Steel set is fixed together by way of a short cord, keeping both elements together.


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