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Wooden Spoons for Forest Schools

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Wooden spoons are such a simple implement yet can have a wide range of uses in forest schools and other children's outdoor activities. The most obvious use for a wooden spoon is in outdoor baking (and what child doesn't like baking, particularly when they have something yummy to take home afterwards!). Wooden spoons are far preferable to metal or plastic spoons when it comes to baking; the soft, rounded edges make the spoon more ergonomic and comfortable to hold which is particularly important when you have to tell a child to "keep on stirring!" The 'comfort factor' when using a wooden spoon can't be underestimated, it helps prevent the users hand from cramping up or, worse still, spoils the finished product by encouraging  'less-than-enthusiastic' stirring. Wooden spoons won't react with acidic foods unlike some metal spoons which could leave an undesirable metallic taste in your lemon curd.


It isn't just baking, however, where the humble wooden spoon comes into its own. They can also be a great tool in a wide range of other outdoor craft activities for children. A wooden spoon makes a superb, basic digging implement that kids can go a bit crazy with without any of the safety concerns you would associate with a traditional spade or trowel. So, to summarise, the wooden spoon really is a bit of an all-rounder and, if you haven't already, investment in a stockpile of wooden spoons may well be one of the best (if, potentially, dullest) purchases you ever made. Either way, you can be sure that they will forever find a place in your forest school inventory. Our wooden spoons are priced and sold individually.


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