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Tinder makes up an essential part of your outdoor fire lighting gear. Tinder is a lightweight, flammable material which can be lit from the spark of a firesteel. Tinder is designed to be highly combustible, allowing you to start a fire quickly and easily even if in difficult conditions. Tinder can be made from a variety of combustible materials which are prepared into fine strands which allow a supply of oxygen to circulate, maximising flammability.

At Forest School Shop we stock a wide range of tinder and fuel for fire lighting. Choose from a range of natural and organic tinder including tinder made from natural plant fibres. We also stock a range of great value campfire tinder, TinderSticks from Light My Fire, ready-made tinder nests and a handy tin of tinder dust. We also stock handy fire lighting paper which is waterproof and a handy way of lighting campfires in difficult weather conditions. Choose from a wide range of fire lighting products at Forest School Shop.